The Explosion and Fallout of Pokémon Uranium



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This is a long story, so let’s start with the obvious.

On August 6, 2016, after months of work on testing, refining, and fixing the game, the Uranium Team published the full version of PokémonUranium, a fan-made Pokémon game, for free to the internet. What followed was an unprecedented series of events, which we could have never truly prepared for, that would change all our lives, affect thousands of people – and perhaps even reach the creators of Pokémon itself.

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Dream Fighter Wingman 02


Hello, everybody!

It’s been a long time I hadn’t posted here, but better late than never, they say…

So, this month, you have a new Dream Fighter Wingman episode, Aoi is trying to get used to the human world, but it’s not very easy for her… And Kenta begins to lose his patience, as you can see it…

Apart this new release, I had some words to say…

Some people (on this blog or elsewhere) seemed to be worried about the recent lack of releases. Understand I will always give the priority to my french releases and that’s why I only release one or two episodes per month. And it won’t change.

Plus, although my editor seemed to have solved his PC problems, I’ve had no news about him for a month. Although it won’t keep new episodes from being released in November and December (one per month), it will…

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Magnerobo Ga-Keen: 06 — Luurah Productions

DATE RAPE! DATE RAPE! DATE RAPE! Wait, Mai’s father is in the shot! This makes the creepiness factor go up to 11! Ewww… Don’t forget to visit Saizen Fansubs! Episode 06: Mai’s Furious Scream of the Sweet Cross! [BitTorrent] [SolidFiles]TBA MD5: 93cc3657dae342fed369da4da01bd03e Note: Direct Download link is coming soon. For now, use the torrent link […]

über Magnerobo Ga-Keen: 06 — Luurah Productions

Uchuu Majin Daikengou: 13-15

Luurah Productions

Sadly, Onidragon from TMUSubs has gone missing in action. Therefore, for the time being, Uchuu Majin Daikengo will be a Luurah Productions project only and no longer a joint project. To OniDragon, wherever you are, I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your involvement with this project up to this point.

And now, onto the newest episodes of Daikengo to be released…


On Episode 13, titled „The Secret of Planet Burai“, Prince Ryger and company encounters a robot named Spal, constructed by the Magellan armies as a way to learn of Bryman’s identity and, eventually, assassinate the vagabond swordsman. However, Spal’s programming may have gone awry as it appears to have developed its own free will. Whether that’s a stroke of genius or just a glitch on the Magellans‘ part is up for debate.

If you like this episode, you…

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Toki no Tabibito. Time Stranger Complete Movie



Agino Jiro escapes the despotic world of the twenty-fifth century by stealing a time machine. He’s forced to highjack a car to use as a power source in the twentieth century, and accidently brings a group of high school students along with their teacher with him. They make brief stops during the fire bombing of Tokyo, the Meiji Revolution and the battle of Sekigahara to escape the Time Patrol agent sent to hunt them down. Their final destination is 1582, where they become guests of Oda Nobunaga, just four days before his assassination. They then must make a hard choice about whether or not to change history.

This is one of the OVA we been meaning to get around and do for months, From the vaults of Shockwave collections.

Direct Download Link:

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