Dream Fighter Wingman 10


Hello, everybody!

Since January is not over yet, I wish a very Happy New Year to you! And [Johnny-englishsubs] will gratify you with a lot of releases this new year…

And to start, I give you Dream Fighter Wingman’s comeback!

In this new episode, Kenta is facing a lot of troubles, due to a surprise test, but also to a Keytackler’s new wicked plan… Will he be able to get over it?

This episode is available on:

Next time, a giant robot will make its comeback too!

See you soon!

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SF Saiyuki Starzinger – Episode 15



Here’s another episode of Leiji Matsumoto’s science fiction retelling of the Chinese epic saga Journey to the West, known as Saiyuki in Japan. In this episode, our heroes continue to pursue the evil space monster boss GinGin Man, who uses the prism (a cloaking device) to hide out on the Gorilla Planet. The Gorilla Clan, inhabitants of this planet, were turned into warfare cyborgs by GinGin Man when he previously conquered them.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA Fansubs for the scripts. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project. Check out his blog for lots of rips of cool old school vinyl soundtracks, including a post with Starzinger soundtracks here.

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Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 41 – Revival! Giganos‘ Blue Falcon — /m/subs

Megaupload Torrent Woo-hoo! ‚Nother ep of Metal Armor Dragonar comin atcha, my friends. Me and Starseeker thank Tougewolf for being a very good set of second eyes for the QCing, and of course, as always, thanks to /u/FrancoFranchetti and Sky79 for first translations! Only 7 more eps to go 😀 😀

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 41 – Revival! Giganos‘ Blue Falcon — /m/subs

Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 12



For the final release of the 2010s, here’s another episode of the Lensman TV series. I don’t think anyone will be sad to hear that this is the last appearance of Haynes‘ granddaughter Lily. Written by legendary anime scribe Haruya Yamazaki, this episode features an amusement park planet, an alien space pirate disguised as an evil clown, and a Trojan dinosaur. The business with Lily and the space pirates kinda reminds me of the short story „The Ransom of Red Chief“ by O. Henry, albeit with a very different ending.

Get the softsubbed mkv from Nyaa or Mega.

Or the hardsubbed mp4 from Nyaa or Mega.

Our partner group in this joint project is the crew from /m/subs, you can check out their site here. Much thanks to sky79 for the translation, starseeker for the translation QC, and MartyMcFlies for final checks. And of course massive thanks to…

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Famous Dog Lassie Complete — South Wind Subs

Today, we announce the batch release for Famous Dog Lassie (Meiken Lassie), our joint project with Old Castle. We would like to thank Old Castle for their help in creating subs for this WMT-series, based on the book ‚Lassie Come-Home‘ by Eric Mowbray Knight, and handling styling/tech: You’ve done an amazing job, and we hope […]

Famous Dog Lassie Complete — South Wind Subs