Toki no Tabibito. Time Stranger Complete Movie



Agino Jiro escapes the despotic world of the twenty-fifth century by stealing a time machine. He’s forced to highjack a car to use as a power source in the twentieth century, and accidently brings a group of high school students along with their teacher with him. They make brief stops during the fire bombing of Tokyo, the Meiji Revolution and the battle of Sekigahara to escape the Time Patrol agent sent to hunt them down. Their final destination is 1582, where they become guests of Oda Nobunaga, just four days before his assassination. They then must make a hard choice about whether or not to change history.

This is one of the OVA we been meaning to get around and do for months, From the vaults of Shockwave collections.

Direct Download Link:

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September Surprise: Dream Fighter Wingman 01!


Hello, everybody!

Little by little, summer is ending, but this end is for [Johnny-englishsubs] the beginning of something else… a brand new project!

This project is an anime I loved very much when I was a young, innocent, little boy (and it’s still the case!). It was broadcast on TF1 first, but I discovered it on La Cinq (a channel that was living its last months of existence…); it’s an anime adapted from Masakazu Katsura’s manga called Dream Fighter Wingman (shortened as Wingman in France)!

This anime is a parody of tokusatsu series (from where Power Rangers saga comes from), but can been seen as a tribute too. Its premise is kinda simple: Kenta Hirono, a junior high school boy loves tokusatsu series and dreams of becoming a hero. One day, he mets a girl fallen from the sky (who wears nothing but a bikini), finds a book on her…

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[/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 06 — /m/subs

Carrying on from last episode, Kim and Chris arrive on Dzoara, a planet of telekinetically powered ships and friendly people, and learn about a couple who were instrumental in fighting off the first Boskone invasion of the planet. And by this point we have completely gone away from the source books. At least the romance […]

über [/m/subs-TSHS] Galactic Patrol Lensman 06 — /m/subs

Starzinger (1978) – Episode 10



Here’s the next episode of our digital re-mastering (originally subtitled by ILA Fansubs from a VHS source). The story on the planet Espérance continues from last episode’s cliffhanger in which a dejected Princess Aurora simply vanished. In this episode, the cyborgs are forced to fight a battle against fossil monsters in order to secure Aurora’s return. But this arrangement is complicated by the ruler of Espérance. the jealous Princess Nova.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project. Check out his blog for lots of rips of cool old school vinyl soundtracks, including a post with Starzinger soundtracks here.

We’ll probably be releasing a batch of the first 10 episodes and the movie in the near-ish future, after I’ve…

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= Livestream – 23.08.2016 =

Neuer PC, neues Glück was Livestream’s angeht. Heute Abend, ab 21:00 Uhr spielen wir an Dragon Quest III endlich weiter. Wichtig (Da ich momentan Technikprobleme mit den Supernes Kanälen habe), spiele ich das Spiel auf meinen eigentlichen Privatkanälen.

1) Twitch = oder
2) Hitbox = oder
3) Youtube LIVE = oder
4) Youtube Gaming: = oder
5) Dailymotion =
6) Beam =

PS: Stream-Aufzeichung und eigene Videoparts von dem Spiel, wird es die nächsten Tage auf meinem Youtube Kanal = zum bequemen nachholen geben.

Liebe Grüße