Yuusha Raideen 34


Raideen 34_001_21808

Yes, it’s gonna be one of those episodes. Football, the terrible love triange, an attempt to assasinate the main character and some actual background development. I wasn’t expecting the last one either.

TL Note: The Kuroshio Current is a major current that flows off the coast of Japan.



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Cho-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser: Episode 10 — Luurah Productions

Salome: Oh Great Crystal Ball, will we see more recycled Ginguiser footage in this episode? *Crystal ball turns black* Salome: This show really needs to stop cutting corners. Episode 10: The Curse of the Transforming Revived Beast [BitTorrent] Anidex: https://anidex.info/torrent/240331 Nyaa.si: https://nyaa.si/view/1137427 [Userscloud]https://userscloud.com/xnpg8j6fp4na md5: 629095c06937cc006bf97309f68d40b1

Cho-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser: Episode 10 — Luurah Productions

Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 09

Luurah Productions


„Would you like some candy, little girl? There’s a puppy in the van, too.“


Many thanks to Saizen Fansubs for assisting in this release.

Speaking of puppies…

2018-07-23 18.31.27

This release is dedicated to my dog, Niña, who passed away after fighting brain cancer for over a year.  She was 14 years old.  Rest in peace, my beautiful baby girl.

Episode 09: Sibling Love Burns with a Red Flame

MD5: MD5: a7cd3751c9e9c55059be48e6d493a3b4

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UFO Robot Grendizer 09


Hello, everybody!

Today, in this sunny day in winter (yes, it’s true), we celebrate the return of a giant robot whose legend is forever in my country, UFO Robot Grendizer!

This new episode is one of my favorite in the series and one of the first I watched when I was a very, very little boy… Its story is a little different of the traditional Grendizer episodes, because we can see a Vega soldier in action… Commander Mineo, a young woman from Planet Ruby, must act in a suicide operation to destroy Grendizer… However, things won’t go the way Gandal and Blakki planned, and consequences will be fateful…

I won’t say much about it, just enjoy!

This episode is available on:

(NB: the XDCC is currently unavailable, but it shouldn’t be for long)

Next time, your favorite Panda Girl will be back!

See you soon!

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