Halloween auf Kibo.FM

Heute Abend ist es wieder soweit, die Nacht der Geister, Dämonen und Hexen.

Und mittlerweile ist es zur Onigiri-Tradition geworden, mit Euch Hörern die Nächte durchzumachen. Wir starten unseren Marathon am 31. Oktober um 19 Uhr und senden dann Nonstop bis Sonntag 22 Uhr.  Den Sendeplan, gibt es hier: http://kibo.fm/sendeplan/

Damit sich das Aufbleiben auch lohnt, gibt es wieder ein Gewinnspiel. Näheres erfahrt ihr zeitnah auf unserer Homepage.

Außerdem könnt ihr unsere Moderatoren wieder auf ein spannendes und gruseliges Halloween-Abenteuer begleiten. 24 Folgen lang müssen sie sich gegen eine bösen Widersacher behaupten. Unsere Moderatoren sind in Lebensgefahr.

Also, bereitet euch schon einmal vor. Deckt euch mit Lebensmitteln, Kerzen und Knoblauch ein, die Geister stehen schon bereit.

Designing Fakemon, Part 3

Und hier ist auch schon Teil 3 des Tutorials. 🙂


whos-that-pokemon wizkitWelcome to Part 3 of my Fakemon Design tutorial. In Part 1 and Part 2, I described my process for coming up with a good design and making a sprite for a convincing Fake Pokemon. Now, I am going to take the design I came up with and give it details like stats, moves, and abilities so that it could fit in a Pokemon game with ease.

First, some meta: it’s not always necessary to go this in-depth when creating fakemon, unless you are making a game, like me. However, I think that some of the best-created fakemon there are have well-thought-out movesets. To make a truly convincing Pokemon you must envision it in action: what kinds of powers does it have? What strategy would it use in battle? Here I’d like to give a particular shout-out to the Smogon Create-A-Pokemon project, which has produced some of my favorite…

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Designing Fakemon, Part 2

Gutes Tutorial, Part 2, wer sich für das Thema interessieren sollte. 🙂


whos that pokemon-caitsithWelcome to part 2 of my Fakemon design tutorial, where I will narrate my process for designing a fakemon in such a way to allow you to follow my methods to create a fakemon of your own. You can find Part 1 here, where I talked about how to find an idea and then devise an appropriate design. In this part, I will explain how to make the sprite. The next entry will elaborate on the details like moveset, abilities, name, etc.

Let’s start where we left off on the last entry, where we envisioned a fairy/psychic type Pokemon based on Cat Sidhe.

cait sith 2

I changed some details around from the version I made in the last entry, which I felt was too simple a design, especially for a non-evolving Pokemon. I liked the idea of having it ride around on a witch broom so much that…

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Designing Fakemon, Part 1

Gutes Tutorial, Part 1, wer sich für das Thema interessieren sollte. 🙂



Today, I’m going to walk you through my process of creating a convincing and appealing fake Pokémon design. This will serve as a tutorial for anybody who wishes to follow this process for themselves.

Since I want to elaborate as much as I can on every step of the process, I’ll break this up into 2 parts: the first, where I devise an idea and sketch some basic designs, and the second, where I make the sprite and elaborate on finer details like movesets, stats, etc.

Step 1: The Idea

The first and most important part of designing a good fakemon is, of course, coming up with an idea. And it’s entirely possible you’re stumped: you may think that all the good ideas for Pokémon have been used up already. You may be afraid that even if you do have an idea that hasn’t been used in canon, some other…

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