Pokemon Uranium 4.0 Released!


4.0 launch posterAt long last, the time has come! It’s been months of coming up with designs, making pixels, writing dialogues, and testing and re-testing and changing it up and testing again that we’ve finally reached a product which we’re proud to present to the public: POKEMON URANIUM 4.0.

I’ve talked about Uranium on this blog multiple times before, such as in this post, and it’s the platform for many of my fakemon designs such as Shrumputy & Krillvolver as well as Masking & Dramsama. Although the game isn’t finished yet, I’m quite proud of the state it’s in right now. With hours of content and over 100 all-new Fakemon designs, it’s unlike any other Pokemon fangame project out there.

Uranium has a team of 2 developers and a handful of beta testers, which is my excuse for why it’s been a year and a half since the last beta (v3.1…

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