Super Cool Batch!!!! UFO Senshi Dai Apolon 1-16

Luurah Productions


The new years is upon us!  Here’s some cool old-mecha-anime treatment for those Icy Winter days!  Now that we’re more than half-way in our releases, why not make a super batch with super re-styling and re-timing?  Of course!

The V3 is so TV Safe Line garunteed, it’ll make you do backflips!

Also, I added chapters!  Cool, huh?

These files are all re-timed with higher standers because I gained good timing experience as of late.  These episodes are also encoded as CFR to reduce playing problems.  Therefore, no patches will be provided for older releases.

[LUURAH]UFO_Senshi_Dai_Apolon_14_001_21275  [LUURAH]UFO_Senshi_Dai_Apolon_01_001_2990
[LUURAH]UFO_Senshi_Dai_Apolon_01_001_25269  [LUURAH]UFO_Senshi_Dai_Apolon_14_001_3474

Here’s the v3 batch of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: Episodes 01-16, and I hope you enjoy it!


MD5: UF0 Senshi Dai Apolon 01-16
Episode 01:  93fd39e0618e5731ade354dc28614d57
Episode 02:  5d770b1a9b96eb43781440cf7562fc43
Episode 03:  a153d76652214e0f9b5491a39d696be8
Episode 04:  2c7fe836a7a9e915811abd895af82ea4
Episode 05:  dbc81a93ef03d24435b914d1b9e78bec
Episode 06:  2d8ddc3854cdc9d1dabbc5387f16302c
Episode 07:  4aac6ef0443f1a77d660d69e17bda576
Episode 08:  fe160a4b00ca63129971afa05703aaee
Episode 09: …

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