Happy New Year 2015!! Annual Progress Report

Luurah Productions

progressHappy new year again! As for previous years, I’m going to deliver you my annual report. About the projects that I’ve been working on, their ETA, and their future.

Well, 2014 has been one hell of a roller coaster!  So much highs and lows have occurred throughout the year.  Let’s review what happened…

daltan daltan As of now, up to Episode 30 has been TL-checked by serenade_beta, and episodes were being prepped for a batch re-release.  Unfortunately, this was one of several projects that were affected when both myself and musical_life were hit with serious real life issues that couldn’t be avoided.  This doesn’t mean I’m stopping on Daltanias.

I know all I’ve been giving lip service over the past three years on this show, but this is all I can give right now.  I apologize, and I do appreciate the few of you that have been patient.

mach mach We’re now up to…

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