Demon Hunter Makaryuudo [OVA] Is Here At Kingmenu site fans!


since you fans having a hard time getting this one, from Shockwave Subs, and him being a good sport about this one! He send me the file so this is a new post! with direct download! Enjoy King Menu! Story..Yama Rikudo not your average teenager. She is really a kind of demon police, charged with the duty to protect Japan from demonic monsters after being forgiven. Even when his superiors demons try to get her out of work, because the human-demon relations are too strained to handle, fight stays with his giant scythe, although disguised as a middle school student, is in love with his classmate Sho Kurogane . Now Sho must save, and friends of the hidden poorly in school in search of eternal youth, sucking souls director.  Demon Hunter Makaryuudo
Alternative Title:魔狩人
Studio: Studio Fantasia, C.Moon
Director: Okamoto Yukirou
Broadcast Year: 1989
Type: OVA Traslation: KingMenu Subtitles Shockwave…

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