Nintendo Was The Number One Publisher On Metacritic In 2014

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Metacritic scores seem to mean a lot nowadays so it’s great to hear that Nintendo was the number one video game publisher in 2014 according to Metascore. The company that was just behind the Kyoto based company was Ubisoft who scored as the second best publisher of 2014, followed by EA. Be sure to check out the Metacritic page to get a more detailed breakdown.

Shooting up three spots in our rankings to #1 among the large publishers, Nintendo is also the only one of the majors to finish the year with a „green“ average Metascore—despite the fact that only 56% of its games received positive reviews from critics. (Basically, 2014 was not the most memorable of years in gaming history.) Nintendo’s performance is even more impressive given the fact that it released more unique titles (34) than any other publisher in 2014. The Wii U and 3DS maker…

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