Nihilistic military history MIROKU Episode 06: Road to the Stars! Finale Coming Soon!


What can I say Fans? I sure hate to see a good thing like this ends! But such as it may! The staff here really enjoy this classic OVA  gem, and we thank the fans for mentioning this in our request page! We hope that fans continue to send there dream favorite request here! Anyway recapping the details on this character. „Nothingness military history MIROKU“ (emptiness killed Miroku) is, Ken Ishikawa due to Japan of comic work, and was the original it OVA work.Monthly Shonen Captain „( Tokuma Shoten ) series, book all five volumes. OVA theme  „STOP THAT!“ Lyrics – Ayaki shoe / composer – Say Hiroaki / Arrangement – Kato Dao / song – K-Chan Ending Theme „~ to FOR YOUR DREAM ~ Your Dreams“ 

  • Production cooperation: JCSTAFF which is partculiar cause if you look up the shows they done this one wasn’t listed? Which was produced in…

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