Fakemon Designs: Alebri



Name: Alebri
Classification: The Dream Creature Pokemon
Type: Dark (/ Flying, Bug, Water)
Ability: Insomnia
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Sneak, Feint Attack, Dream Eater
Evolution: Alebri -(Alebrijite)-> Mega Alebri
Its body is made of a pliable, wood-like substance. They come in many diverse forms, and are said to be able to travel through the world of dreams.

Hola, everybody, and saludos from Oaxaca, Mexico! It’s been about two months since I’ve posted here, and I feel a little guilty, since I did design this fakemon all the way back in January… but then, extenuating circumstances made me hold off on posting it until now. (Actually, not all that extenuating; I lost my mouse, so I couldn’t draw this guy’s Mega Evolution until I found it again. Then I found it. Yay.)

Being that I’ve spent the past 2 months of my life surrounded by beautiful Oaxacan art and vivacious culture…

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