Megami Paradise Is Here!


Megami Paradise  is a role-playing game by NEC Home Electronics and released in 1994 on the P.C EngineSuper CD-Rom.    The anime is based on a manga by Akihiro Yoshizane which was serialised in Dengeki G’s Engine magazine. the Japanese name of the series originally entitled Goddess Heaven which was licensed years ago. One of the obscure shows cause it only had 2 episodes.

The story is set in a utopia-like world made up of only women, under the benevolent rule of a woman called the Mamamega. The Mamamega possesses a magic item called the Astro Star, which absorbs evil from the world outside the paradise they live in. Eventually, when the Astro Star becomes saturated with evil thoughts and desires, the Mamamega has to perform a ceremony to purify the Astro Star, and then she hands over the position of Mamamega to her successor.

As the…

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