I give all of myself I’m All Yours Minna Agechau OVA [ 1987 ] Is Here!


Juno Mamiya – Rich Girl, beautiful and clever – would have to fall in love with a handsome prince. But instead, having fun with a friend (they looked at through binoculars residents of neighboring houses), looked after the young man, who modestly masturbate on pornozhurnal. Her friend shrugged disdainfully: „Ugh, this can kill even the strongest love … Men – these animals!“, But a tender heart Juno were wounded, „No, it is – a good one! He’s just lonely, and he does not have a girl! „.

The decision matured itself – to offer herself to him as a girlfriend! Said than done: Rokuro did not have time to freshen up after a session of self-service, the doorbell rang pretty high school girl with a proposal: instead of whether he needs a girl? ..

Minna agechau ♡ „is light Yuzuki due to the erotic comedy [1] comic work. “ Weekly…

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