Fakemon Designs: Silchick and Silkatrice



Name: Silchick -> Silkatrice
Classification: The Hatchling Pokemon -> The Cockatrice Pokemon
Type: Normal -> Normal/Dragon
Ability: Fur Coat/Petrify
Moves: Peck, Dragon Claw, Glare, Egg Bomb
Evolution: Silchick -(Lv. 34)-> Silkatrice
Rarely, a Bird Pokemon Egg that is incubated by a frog Pokemon will hatch into a Silchick. Scientists are still not sure why.

Silkatrice’s long, fluffy feathers keep their eyes hidden, but it is said that anyone who looks into their eyes will be turned to stone.

These fakemon were designed as entries to a contest for the Omnis Region on Tumblr, one of my favorite community region projects. They’re pretty far along in creating their Dex, and I appreciate how well organized it all is — one of the few cases of a democratic region working out. They have some great design prompts and aren’t afraid to mix it up with new, inventive formats. I’ve made a few…

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