Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 07-09

Luurah Productions

First of all, I want to apologize for the lengthy delay in this release.  Two months ago, I had a medical emergency that was unavoidable that rendered me unable to release or work on any subs.  I’m much better now, so thank you for understanding.

Also, blind51de has been bombarded with multiple projects, so he was unable to assist in these episodes.  In his place, I’ve enlisted another translation checker: Kiseki 83.  This selfless person was able to do translation checking on these scripts.  Also, Onibaba did some spot translation checking in Episodes 07 and 09.  Please, thank them both for assisting in making these subbed videos come to fruition.

As usual, this is a joint project with TMUSubs.  Episodes 07 & 09 used the Spanish dub as a base, translated by myself and BendesidaOty whereas Episode 08 used the Italian dub, translated by Griffon.


In Episode 07, titled…

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