Demon of Kick Boxing Ep.01 Invinclble Sawamura, Is Here!


Here’s another I never put on Direct Download Demon of Kick Boxing! We decided to release this, One of our early efforts we didn’t know what the responses were? and truthfully we still don’t, So we will let the fans decided about this one!

32373SawamuhqdefaultAn arrogant karate master named Tadashi Sawamura enters the kickboxing ring to prove his superiority, only to be beaten into a coma by a practictioner of the new art. After recovering, his trainer Endo convinced Sawamura to study kickboxing in order to regain his honor. The series is loosely based on the real-life exploits of champion kickboxer Tadashi Sawamura.

Animation: Toei Animation

Broadcaster: TBS

Production: Toei Animation

English subtitle By shockwave 2014

English subtitle By Shockwave 2014

Direct Download Link:!zM5yxSTb!nFMbcJf6aGCfUV9p9ceryY0Qa1osgYLIygNnbVqG_E8

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