SmartBoy, HyperKin’s Smartphone Game Boy Hardware, Is Real

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Hyperkin is apparently in the business of manufacturing dreams. Only yesterday we heard word of the Wii U compatible ProCube controllers — controllers that are effectively GameCube controllers that wirelessly act like Wii U Pro Controllers. Today, they have confirmed what many thought to be an April Fools prank, the SmartBoy. The product first appeared in a tweet on March 31st… a day before the jokester’s holiday:

The concept of the Hyperkin add on would allow your iPhone or Android devices to plug in your Game Boy cartridges and play them. The SmartBoy seems to run off an emulator, much like other systems like the RetroN. While there is no announcement about when this add on will be market-ready, the Alpha build made an appearance at E3 2015. Hopefully we will see it soon.

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