SF Shinseiki Lensman


SF Shinseiki Lensman.avi_snapshot_00.02.21_[2015.08.15_21.33.53]

Side projects are fun. This is a subbed version of the 1984 Lensman film which did get a dubbed American release, but we don’t think there’s much of a subbed release out there.

As 80s sci-fi films go, it’s not bad, tad generic and Star Wars-influenced; but if you’ve read the Lensman book you’ll probably be going „that wasn’t in the book!“ for the best part of 2 hours. Also some very early anime CG as shown in the screencap. The theme song is still the best part of it though. Starship, ride on with me~.


The torrent contains extra goodies such as the soundtrack, a synthesiser remix album of the soundtrack, some video clips about the CG, some of the commercials, music videos for the theme song, as well as scans of the tie-in comic, poster, boxes of the model kits and the covers of the novels.


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