Magnerobo Ga-Keen: 00 – 03

Luurah Productions

Sorry for the lengthy delay, but these four synthetic beasts kept eating all our QCers.  It should be okay now… hopefully…

PS. We’re now using a different source for our encodes, hence there aren’t any patch files.

Be sure to visit Saizen Fansubs as well!

Episode 00 (v2)
MD5: 68c9f577a61d338a23fb6c305eda3f24

Episode 01 (v3)
MD5: a52fb38ebd4bb94efd710d5f44c89362

Episode 02
MD5: e650c672380f9867faf70ae07e4ec0c9

Episode 03
MD5: 9c5cbdee4be74e6ddfa996c580ea5587

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