Mirai Robo Daltanious: 27-28

Luurah Productions


Double release this time!  Episodes 27 and 28 of „Daltanious: Robot of the Future“ are out!

The reason for this is that both 27 and 28, both are officially separate episodes, they form a two-parter story that involves Kento and Danji deciding to invade Zaar’s lunar base(thanks to Manabu’s calculations) and, as a result, deal a crushing blow to their enemy.

Also, with these episodes done, this concludes the first half of series.  I hope you all have enjoyed downloading and watching these episodes just as much as I have working on them.

Episode 27:  Daltanious Crosses the Fields of Death

Episode 28:  The Final Onslaught on Zaar’s Base

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