TBC Productions: Generation 0

(If you’re a lazy bum, scroll down passed the book and read there for the meat of the article!)

RPGs and Pokemon! Who doesn’t love quests!  Well… If you don’t, you’re probably not at the right place. But I digress. If you’re privy to my design philosophy, you will know that I am creating Generation 0 with the mindset of it being first a JRPG, and second a Pokemon game. Essentially, it is Pokemon as if it were made to be a full-fledged, single player, RPG experience instead of what it is now. This game is being created by a fan who grew up with Pokemon and played it when it first came out at 7 years old. A fan who is now 25 years old and is still in love with both Pokemon and RPGs. So I want to meld those two worlds together and create something amazing and…

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