Video Warrior Laserion: 01

Luurah Productions

laserion01 Video Warror Laserion

I wanted to add this before 2016, but I was away at the time.  Anyway, this is the final release of 2015.  Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present a new joint project with „The Skaro Hunting Society„… the 1984 super robot show, „Video Warrior Laserion!

For me, my first instance of seeing this show was from watching its Spanish dub… titled „El Super Laser“.  From what I had seen, I did like the show.  I wish I could see more, but only the first 26 episodes of „El Super Laser“ could be found on the internet with a Spanish dub.  (This show was also dubbed in Italian and Tagalog as well as Spanish.

Imagine a computer nerd named Takeshi (Not the same Takeshi from UFO Senshi Dai Apolon) with a girlfriend named Olivia who shares in his same hobby of virtual reality…

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