[sage-H-S-/m/subs] Gyrozetter 1-51 batch



Well here it is, a batch of the entire series of Gyrozetter.

First 2 episodes were done by sage after they unwisely put up what they were going to sub that season up for an internet poll, episodes 3 to 30 were handled by Hikari Senshi under Makhazol, then after they had issues we took over the project with HS’s font collection and translator’s bible of terms to get it finished with Anonyeko as TL, shiny typesetting done by Ignis, starseeker as editor/secondary typesetting, and various other people like UK Windom, Battle-Anon, Sailor Otaku and Iriliane.

If you’ve been following the show so far, a DDL of episode 51 alone can be found here.
DDLs of the v2s (minor fixes and Kerbeizer is now Cerbeiser again, sorry anonyneko): 31, 32, 44, 45, 49.
Or if you just need patches, they are here

Included with…

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