And the Xmas surprise #2 is… UFO Robot Grendizer 01!


Hello again, everybody!

I didn’t take a long time to release another surprise… this time, it’s an anime that has english subs yet, but not really good english subs. This anime introduced me to japanese animes & mangas, like a lot of my fellowmen… it’s UFO Robot Grendizer, rechristianised as Goldorak in France!

To release this first episode, I used japanese dvds (even though they’re not perfect) & translated the excellent french subs with real japanese names. Hiei- (mentioned in my post about Aim for the ace! 2) translated the songs and mentioned romaji lyrics too.

However, I am not certain to release the full series: had Discotek Media (which released Mazinger Z DVDs in R1) released it, I will cancel the project, because I think this company really needs support from anime fans (even if I personnally wait for a Great Mazinger release).

But currently, enjoy this…

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