Pokémon XD: Darkness Beyond Time Update 1/9/16

Crystal Engine

There are a lot of changes, so let’s get started.

The two starters for the game have been decided. First you will receive and Eevee, who you can later evolve to any of its 8 evolutions through stone. You are also given one of the Kalos Starters as a gift right before you step out onto the route. Both of these Pokémon have perfect IVs and their Hidden Ability.


As for the music, I limited the songs to one song per region. So that led to a few variations from the actual survey results. The following themes have been chosen:

Wild Pokémon:
Johto (HGSS)

This took the second place since Orre won for two categories, so I chose to go with the second place for this one. To honor both the majority vote and the purpose of the song that won. That theme will be used in battles…

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