Progress Report 2016

Luurah Productions

It’s now that time of the year again!  Time for our yearly project report on everything involved with Luurah Productions!

Mirai Robo Daltanias

As you’ve seen in the past, progress on Daltanias had stalled for over three years.  And now, it’s bursting out like water from a broken dam!  As of now, up to Episode 31 has been publically released.  And more episodes WILL be coming in the future!

Furthermore, all remaining episodes have been TL-Checked by serenade_beta, so this means Daltanias WILL be finished!  Assuming some bizarre occurrence comes up to stop me dead in my tracks, Daltanias will be finished in 2016!

[LUURAH]UFO_Senshi_Dai_Apolon_14_001_21275UFO Senshi Dai Apolon

I’m sure you noticed that project on Dai Apolon had slowed down in 2015.  I can assure you this… all 26 episodes of Dai Apolon have been TL-Checked by sky79!  They just need some quality checking and typesetting to be released to…

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