Metal Armor Dragonar 14 – A New Start



It’s been ages, friends, but I’ve finally gotten back to work on Dragonar. I suppose some explanation is in order for why this is taking so long–don’t blame Starseeker, it’s all me ;_; I’ve been incredibly busy with my dissertation for the last year or so, but happy day, I managed to send in a rough draft of it to my professors last week! When they get back to me with the revisions they want I’ll probably be too busy to work on Dragonar for a while again, but until they do, I figured I should try to get as much Dragonar done as possible. In that spirit, I present to you episode 14:!BUcxzZDC!IgBy64MUEh2n_8KiBxIYRCZ7zK1QPhQhSeX_WXe3ez4


P.S: As she’s mentioned before, Starseeker isn’t a big fan of Dragonar and is only translating for it as a favor to me. While I’m very grateful to her, I don’t want to…

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