Errors in the Daltanious Batch fixed

Luurah Productions

It came to my attention that the batch torrent has errors in it.  Apparently, I accidentally used the video for Episode 03 when I muxxed Episode 02.  After comfirming this error, I fixed the batch with making a V3 for Episode 03.  My apologize for this error.

I also found muxxing errors in other files as well, and fixed them as well with V3s.  The following episodes have been remedied:

Episode 01:  Rise and Go to War!
Episode 02:  The Mysterious Third Robot (Duh!)
Episode 08:  I Want a Mother
Episode 09:  Jump, Jump, and then Cry
Episode 13:  The Tearful Struggle of the Hungry Man
Episode 16:  Substitute Operation:  Gluttony
Episode 17:  How is Your School?
Episode 21:  Cratus, Warrior of Space
Episode 22:  The Great and Tearful Transformation of the Instructor Robot
Episode 34:  I am Kento, a Man from Earth
Episode 35:  Doctor Earl, the Proud Rebel

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