Dream Fighter Wingman 02


Hello, everybody!

It’s been a long time I hadn’t posted here, but better late than never, they say…

So, this month, you have a new Dream Fighter Wingman episode, Aoi is trying to get used to the human world, but it’s not very easy for her… And Kenta begins to lose his patience, as you can see it…

Apart this new release, I had some words to say…

Some people (on this blog or elsewhere) seemed to be worried about the recent lack of releases. Understand I will always give the priority to my french releases and that’s why I only release one or two episodes per month. And it won’t change.

Plus, although my editor seemed to have solved his PC problems, I’ve had no news about him for a month. Although it won’t keep new episodes from being released in November and December (one per month), it will…

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