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Hello, everybody! This summer, the sun is shining, and another sunshine is back today… it’s You, our favorite Panda Girl! In this new Attacker You! episode, Eri comes into the court to face her, despite her injured eye… Which team will be the winner of the final match? Hikawa or Sunlight? One thing is sure, […]

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Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 16 – 18

Luurah Productions

Don’t worry.  The subninjas didn’t get to me this time.  I was taking a break due to „lack of motivation“.  I’m still around.  To prove it, I’m releasing episodes 16, 17 & 18 of Uchuu Majin Daikengo!

Both the Italian and Spanish dubs were used as a base for these episodes.  Episodes 16 & 17 used the Spanish dub, translated by myself and BendesidaOty.  Episode 18 used the Italian dub as a base, translated by Griffon.  (Thanks again, Griffon!)


On Episode 16, titled „The Planet of Migratory Birds“, every planet is looking forward to the arrival of a flock of robotic migratory birds that flies from planet to planet, a symbol of everlasting friendship and peace.  As for the Magellans, Lady Baracross has some vile plans for the birds… like turning them into missiles that bring armageddon to any planet they come across!  As for Prince Ryger and company, they visit Planet…

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