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(pwc) Dass der König der Tiere nicht unbedingt auch König des Zoos ist, wird uns bei King of the Zoo ganz schnell klar: den Löwen suchen wir hier vergeblich. Aber auch andere exotische Tiere, die man in einem Zoo vermuten würde, glänzen konsequent durch Abwesenheit. Dieser Zoo ist anders – so beherbergt er Pinguine, Kühe, Hasen, […]

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Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 26: Fearful Gun Jem! — /m/subs

Whew! Sorry it took so long, my friends, this ep would have been out sooner but I got caught up in the holidays! I was playing too many video games to enjoy the Christmas season, and Starseeker got me a present on Steam (Stellaris DLC!) so I was goofing off when I should have been […]

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Good Morning Altea Ova — Kingmenu

Good Morning Altea “ (Good Morning Altea) is Japanese animation of animated film production. As OVA on December 16, 1987 [1] was released from Network Frontier Business Division, now Bandai Visual . In the Christian era 2400’s, Earth humankind was defeated by the fight with the emblem group (Halma Kuhtz), and it was under occupation now. The Battleship Tetrascione, who was under rescue of the Crests, was surprised by a crest […]

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