Nintendo are widely known of being extremely vigorous when protecting their IP. However, Go-Kart company, MariCar, which is based in Japan, has just won a trademark battle with Nintendo and they in turn get to keep the MariCar name. The Japan Patent Office in January dismissed an objection filed by Nintendo Co. over the MariCar […]

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Games that aren’t released outside of Japan often fade into obscurity. However, some games with dedicated followings do eventually surface in internationally as fan translations. Like Mother 3 before it, this Game Boy Advance has finally been made available for English speaking fans. Based on the anime of the same name, Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo was released […]

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= Aktuelles 3 (2017) =

= Aktuelles zu Youtube 2 (2017) =

Die letzten Tage gingen zwei neue Projekte an den Start. Es sind 2 Projekte für das gute alte Nintendo Entertaiment System.

1. Little Samson bei uns wohl eher unbekannt aber nichts desto trotz ein sehr spielenswertes Jump ‚ n ‚ Run aus dem Hause Taito.

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2. Darkwing Duck auch der Held der die Nacht durchflattert, gibt sich die Ehre bei uns auf dem Kanal. Wer die Serie aus den frühen 90ern kennt, sollte viele vertraute Gesichter während des Spiels wiedererkennen.

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