Magnerobo Ga-keen: 07

Auch hier geht es nach einer etwas längeren Pause weiter. 🙂

Luurah Productions


Mamoru Kazuki: You’re feeling tense. Let me relax your muscles.

Takeru Hojo: You don’t have to go through the tr— hey, something’s poking me in the butt!

Mamoru Kazuki: I know!  😀

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Ga-Keen 07:  The Mobile Fortress Blasts Off to the Ends of the Universe

MD5:  536ab7f2a85a50e331c36ff6356ade51

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UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 21

Luurah Productions


After a long sabbatical, the UFO Boy Scouts have returned for some full-frontal UFO porn action on Episode 21 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon!

The Dazaan Army is bringing out the big guns this time with Metorite Robot Magdam, and there’s also a solar eclipse.  Too bad Takeshi is feeling as if he’s having his period a heart attack.  Whatever will our heroes do?  Maybe, they’ll break out the Midol new weapon?

Also, Direct Downloads for „Daltanious: Robot of the Future“ is in the process of being fixed.  Please be patient.

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon:  Episode 21

MD5:  8b9f3363eea1f516bc71a59a6120e63d

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